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Do Yeast Infections Cause Bloating
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If your Do yeast infections cause bloating? Yes they do, but it's not the yeast that is in your vagina that is causing your gas, it's the yeast you have in your intestines. The mutate Candida yeast is a gas forming fungus that will create bloating in your intestines., and this yeast, if left untreated, will destroy your health.

Why you have fungus in your intestines

We all have the Candida yeast living in our intestines, and it is kept under control by the human body's natural defenses. Once your body can no longer control the yeast it will mutate into an aggressive fungus that starts causing your symptoms. Many women struggle to cure their yeast infections because they don't realize that it's their body that's allowing the infection to appear, and not the fact that the treatment they're using is not strong enough to kill the infection.

Beneficial bacteria

Candida is kept under control by the body's beneficial bacteria. These are the same bacteria that you get in live yogurts and probiotic supplements. WHen your body's beneficial bacteria levels are low the Candia is allowed to grow in numbers, and then it mutates into fungus.

Yeast infections cause bloating because this fungus destroys your body's ability to properly digest food. Friendly bacteria helps you digest your food where as fungus will rob you of parts of your food. The rest that doesn't get eaten and isn't digested properly will ferment in your intestines.,and this just becomes more food for fungus, parasites and other unfriendly bacteria.

Your intestines

If the Candida overgrowth becomes too severe then it will start eating the skin cells on the walls of your intestines. The aggressive fungus that the Candia mutates into loves skin cells, and it's the eating of your skin cells that causes the itching in your vagina.

If the fungus is left untreated for too long the walls of your intestines will become perforated, and then this leads to a systemic yeast infection which gets into your blood and starts infecting other parts of your body.

You must get the yeast out of your intestines

To keep your health in a good condition you must get the fungus out of your intestines as soon as you can. Intestinal yeast infections cause bloating, and this is just an early symptom. You could soon start suffering from concentration problems, lack of energy and aches and pains anywhere on your body.

You must re-balance the bacteria in your body, and you must eliminate the fungus as soon as you can. Fungus spreads very quickly in the right conditions, and your body has already become place that the fungus loves to live in.

You may need help

When yeast infections cause bloating they usually require the help of an expert who knows how the fungus is surviving in your body. Some of the foods you eat will be feeding the fungus so you need to eliminate these from your diet, and this is just a start.

You'll then need to kill the fungus, and repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria. Tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers world wide have used the help of Sarah Summer. Sarah Summer knows all the foods that feed the fungus so she knows how to starve it. Then you'll start killing the fungus and repopulating your beneficial bacteria so you no longer suffer form any type of yeast infection.

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