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Yeast Infection In The Intestines

A yeast infection in the intestines is not that uncommon. If anyone has a vaginal yeast infection than they will almost certainly have fungus in their intestines. If your yeast infection has started after antibiotics then it will have destroyed your body's natural defenses is the yeast in your intestines has started to mutate.

Symptoms of a yeast infection in the intestines

When you have fungus in your intestines then the first symptoms are usually indigestion and bloating. The fungus impairs your digestion so your body can no longer digest food properly so these digestive disorders begin. Some women will start using antacids at this point, and these can make the fungal overgrowth worse. Your stomach acid kills yeast as it enters your body from the food that you eat, but the antacids neutralize the acid so the yeast isn't killed.

The yeast then enters your intestines where it feeds, and then it mutates into a fungus.

Getting help for your intestinal yeast infection

A yeast infection in the intestines always requires expert help, they are extremely difficult to cure. A small mistake in your treatment can be the difference of suffering for a month or two, to suffering for years. If your diet is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates you will be feeding the yeast and the fungus. While you're doing this you'll never eliminate your yeast infection from your intestines. It's impossible to keep on giving the fungus food and kill it off at the same time. This is why expert help is essential for your infection and your health

Sarah Summer

Sarah Summer has helped thousands of intestinal yeast infection sufferers because she knows what the fungus feeds on, and what other things put your body in a condition that the fungi love. You need to starve the yeast and fungus of food so you can kill it easier, and then you need to strengthen your body's natural defenses that stop the yeast from mutating.

Until you stop the yeast mutating in your intestines you'll never cure your infection. Sarah Summer can help you, and that help can start today. The fungus in your intestines will slowly destroy your health if you don't do something about it. Find out how Sarah Summer can help you here - Sarah Summer's Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections.

Candidol intestinal yeast infection cure

If you would rather use a product than follow a program then Candidol is another intestinal yeast infection cure that has helped thousands of sufferers. It does many things including...

  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Increases your energy
  • Re-balances your intestinal flora
  • Kills fungus in your intestines
  • Replenishes your body with beneficial bacteria
  • And much more.

You can find out more information about Candidol here - Candidol Natural Yeast Cure or phone the information line below.

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