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Yeast Infection Causes

There are many yeast infection causes, but they all come down to one basic matter. Your body has lost control of the Candida that lives in it naturally, and now it is mutating into an aggressive fungus that is feeding on you and the food that you eat. The Candia Albicans causes an infection when it has nothing to keep it from mutating at a rate that allows it to take over the natural flora in your body. And the symptoms you're now experiencing are from the fungus feeding on your skin cells.

Antibiotics cause yeast infections

What Causes A Yeast Infection? Antibiotics is the biggest cause of fungal overgrowth in the human body because it kills friendly bacteria, and these bacteria keep Candida under control so it doesn't mutate. We all have this organism in us, but healthy people have a balanced flora that keeps everything in check. Once the antibiotics have killed off the friendly bacteria then you start suffering from fungal overgrowth.

A lot of women take fluconazole after antibiotics to cure their infection, but this doesn't work because they are only killing the fungus. They are not getting the balance of their intestinal flora back to how it was, so it can cause a drug resistant fungus because the infection will just keep coming back.

A lot of women with fungus trouble are turning to a home cure. Yeast infection causes are reversed when they are treated naturally because the intestinal flora is put back into balance, and then Candida is once again kept under control. Another popular method is Using Monistat with antibiotics, and this doesn't work either because a cream or suppository is not going to re-balance your natural flora either.

Poor diet

Another of the yeast infection causes is a poor diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. Candida and fungus love sugar, and the more you feed them then the more they are going to breed in your body. If the Candid is already mutating into fungus and you continue to eat foods that contain sugar then you're infection is just going to get worse.

Eliminating the causes of Candida Albicans

If you need help eliminating the causes of your fungal infection ( as most women do ) then you can be getting the right help within minutes from now. Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of men and women in the same position as you, and they are now fungus free because of the help they have received. Sarah knows all the triggers that cause fungus to breed in the human body, and that knowledge is going to help you eliminate your symptoms, and get you health back to the way it was.

Sarah's help goes far beyond what any drug can do, and she will help you strengthen your body's natural defenses so you no longer have yeast inside of you. You can read more about Sarah Summer and her natural cure here - Sarah Summer's Natural Yeast Infection cure.

Candida Albicans Treatment.

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