Keep Getting Yeast Infections

If you keep getting yeast infection then it’s because you have too much yeast in your body, and that yeast is continually mutating into fungus. When you treat your infection with an anti fungal drug it is killing the fungus but the high amount of yeast in your body means that you infection will always come back. At the moment your body just can’t stop the yeast from breeding in your body.

Reason for too much yeast

The most common reason why your yeast would keep coming back is because your body’s natural defenses have been destroyed by antibiotics. These powerful anti bacterial drugs kill friendly bacteria, and they also weaken the immune system. Once these have been affected by antibiotics then the yeast can grow in numbers in your body, and then it mutates into fungus. Yeast is harmless until it starts growing in numbers and mutating.

Another reason for too much yeast in your body is a diet that is high in sugar. Yeast loves sugar and if you eat a lot of it then you’re always feeding your infection. If you keep on doing this then you’ll be suffering from fungal infections for the rest of your life. Thousands of women are eating what foods they like the most while attempting to rid their body of yeast infections.

You’re only treating the symptoms of your infection

Another reason why you would keep on suffering from fungal infections is because the last one you treated wasn’t cured. All you did was treat the symptoms, and then the infection was just building up again inside your body. Anti fungal drugs are good at killing fungus, but they don’t stop the yeast growing in numbers and mutating once your treatment has stopped.

What you must do

If you continue to suffer from yeast infections one after the other then your health is going to get worse. Fungus in your body does a lot more than just give you an itchy vagina. If feeds in your intestines where it robs your body of vital nutrients, and it also feeds on the walls of your digestive tract. This eventually leads to them becoming perforated, and then toxins from the fungus enter your bloodstream.

To cure your infections you must give your body a complete cleanse of fungus and yeast, and then strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

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