How Often Can You Do Monistat Treatments

How often can you do Monistat treatments? Monistat is a powerful anti fungal drug treatment that only needs to be used for one course. If you start using when you want to, which a lot of women still do, then you’re going to create a drug resistant yeast infection that becomes extremely difficult to cure.

Drug resistant fungus

When you use Monistat is should cure your yeast infection the first time you use it. You apply the cream or suppository, and then it kills the fungus in your vagina. If it doesn’t cure your infection then you need to go back to your doctor. You mustn’t just start using the treatment over and over again in the hope that your infection will cure, because it won’t.

One reason why the cream doesn’t work is you’ve used it too many times before and the Candida fungus is already resistant. The fungus doesn’t have to be exposed to the Miconazole cream that many time to start building up some resistance, and then every time the cream is used it makes the fungus more aggressive instead of killing it. Doing multiple Monistat treatments is not the way to cure a stubborn yeast infection.

Finding the cause of your infection

If you kill the fungus, and then your yeast infection comes back this means there is another cause of your infection. Just because you have symptoms in your vagina, it doesn’t mean that this is where the infection is. Candida can mutate into fungus in your body as well as in your vagina. More gas and bloating than you use to suffer from is a sign of fungal activity in your intestines.

If this is the case, then you need to start treating your infection from here before the symptoms in your vagina are stopped.

Get help in finding the cause of your infection

More women now seek help in finding the cause of their infection, and then using a successful treatment. Fungal overgrowth in the human body does not go away on it’s own, and if left untreated it can damage your health. It starts destroying your body from the inside, and almost every part of your body becomes affected.

Sarah Summer has helped thousands of sufferers cure their yeast infection when they realized that multiple courses of anti fungal drugs did not treat their infection and actually made it worse.

You can get help from Sarah today at Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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