Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections

If you’re suffering from chronic vaginal yeast infections, and your prescription, or your over the counter anti fungal drugs are not working then there is a very good reason for that. While these treatments are excellent at killing fungus, for some women, they can be very poor at curing yeast infections. And the reason for that is, they do not treat the cause of your infection. You’ve only been treating the symptoms, and now you infection is probably worse than it was when you started using anti fungal drugs.

The yeast in your body and vagina

You have yeast in your body and vagina all the time. It’s this yeast that is mutating into fungus that is feeding on the skin cells in your vagina, and this is why your yeast infection keeps coming back. You’re killing the fungus, and then the yeast in your body just mutates into more fungus once your course of treatment stops. But the yeast has then been exposed to the treatment so it mutates into a more aggressive form of fungus.

You also have the yeast and the fungus in your digestive tract, and if you’ve only been using anti fungal creams then the internal infection hasn’t been treated at all.

If you haven’t been taking oral anti fungal drugs then as least you’re safe in the knowledge that you haven’t created a drug resistant yeast infection in your intestines. The cream you’ve been constantly using in your vagina will have made the fungus more aggressive, and it could now be drug resistant.

PH balance in your vagina

A healthy vagina has a slightly alkalized Ph level, and this favors the friendly bacteria. If you keep on using powerful anti fungal creams then you’re going to make the environment in your vagina acidic. Once it is acidic it makes the environment a better place for the yeast and fungus to thrive in. The continual use of these creams doesn’t do your chronic vaginal yeast infection any good what so ever. If they don’t work on the first couple of attempts then they probably never will. You can’t keep on killing the fungus if the yeast in your vagina it just mutating into more of it after you stop using the cream.

Treating the cause of your infection

To cure your chronic vaginal infection you need to treat your infection from the root cause. When you treat it from the cause you completely eliminate the fungus from your body, and you strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that the yeast will stop mutating into fungus. This is the only way you’re going to stop your infections. As you already know, just killing the fungus doesn’t cure a yeast infection otherwise you would have cured your infection a long time ago. And when you keep on killing the fungus and your yeast infection keeps coming back you just end up with a drug resistant fungus breeding in your body.

When you treat your yeast infection naturally you completely eliminate the fungus from your body without the need for any type of drug. You force the fungus out, and you create and environment in your body that the yeast and fungus struggle to survive in. This makes it very easy to kill it off, and your body’s natural defenses can become strong again.

When your body’s natural defenses are back to the way they were then the yeast will not be able to mutate into fungus, and your infection will be cured. You also have the added benefit of having more energy and an increased sense of wellbeing. Too much yeast and fungus in your body dos it no good at all, and it will only destroy your health.

You can read more information about a natural yeast cure at Natural Yeast Infection Cure. where you’ll learn how to get your health back to the way it once was.

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