How Long Does A Yeast Infection Last

If you want to know how long a yeast infection lasts then the answer is, it depends on how you treat your infection. If you treat your infection with an anti fungal cream and it cures your infection first time then your infection will last for just a week. If your infection doesn’t get cured with the first application of cream. and then it doesn’t with the next one then you’re going to need anti fungal pills.

Once you start on the pills your infection should then be cured. If the pills don’t cure your infection on the first attempt or the second attempt then you can be in for a long uncomfortable journey that thousands of women are experiencing at the moment.

Treating the symptoms of your infections

Once the pills don’t cure an infection most women just continue to use them to relive the symptoms of their itchy vagina. This is not in any way treating the infection and in the end will only make it worse. You can’t keep on killing the fungus in your body, only for it to keep coming back. Every time it comes back it will be more aggressive than the last strain of fungus that you killed, and this means your symptoms will slowly get worse.

If you end up in the scenario above then you can suffer from your yeast infection for years. The reason this happens is because anti fungal drugs do not treat the causes of Candida infections, they only treat the symptoms. They kill the fungus in your body, but they don’t stop the yeast in your body from mutating into more fungus once your treatment has stopped.

Treating the cause of your infection

If you want to cure your Candida infection in the shortest possible time, and you’ve exhausted the anti fungal drug methods then it’s time for natural cure. A natural Candida infection cure will treat your infection from the root cause so the yeast will no longer be above to mutate in your body. Once you archive this then your infection will be cured, and your health will be restored. If you have fungus feeding in your body then your health is going to get worse. Fungus doesn’t do your body any good.

If you want more information about treating your yeast infection naturally then visit Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections.

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Yeast Infection In Stomach

A yeast infection in the stomach is not a good sign for your body. Although the infection is not actually in your stomach, it’s in your intestines, and it needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you leave the fungus to keep on feeding in your intestines then your symptoms are going to get a lot worse, and your health is going to go downhill.

Fungus and your good health

The fungus in your intestines feeds on the food that you eat, and this means you have food passing through your digestive tract that hasn’t been digested properly. If you have fungus in your intestines that also means that you don’t have enough friendly bacteria in there, and friendly bacteria is needed for your body to digest food for optimum nutirtional intake.

As the food is passing through your body it ferments, and then it becomes a better food for the fungus to feed on. This makes your infection worse, and helps the fungus to fight off the friendly bacteria in your body, and this also makes your infection even more worse.

Reversing what has happened in your body

To cure your intestinal yeast infection you must reverse what has happened in your body. You must stop feeding the yeast and fungus, and you need to learn how to starve it. Once you starve it, it will be a lot easier to kill, and your friendly bacteria will be able to grow strong again. You need to friendly bacteria in your body to stop the yeast form mutating into more fungus.

You’ll always have yeast in your body, but when it’s kept under control by the friendly bacteria in your body it doesn’t becomes problem. You’re only suffering from your internal infection because the yeast have overpowered the friendly bacteria. Once you get the balance back you’ll be cured.

You can find out more information about curing internal fungus at Intestinal Yeast Infections. Once you eliminate the fungus from your body your health will get a boost. Fungus is not good for you or your health, and if you leave it to feed for too long then you’ll soon start noticing the effects it can have on your body.

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Have Antibiotics For Acne Given You A Yeast Infection

If you’re antibiotics for acne are giving you a yeast infection then you’re in a for a long uncomfortable time if you keep on taking the antibiotics. These powerful anti bacterial drugs kill friendly bacteria and they weaken your immune system, and the most common result of this is a yeast infection. You’re now in a position where if you keep on treating your acne with antibiotics then you’re going to make your yeast infections worse.

Treating your acne naturally

Have you ever considered treating your acne naturally. If you keep on using drugs to treat your symptoms with every type of infection you get then your body is going to pay for it as you get older. A program such as Acne No More will teach you how to cure your acne without the need for any health destroying drugs. Once you’ve weakened your immune system enough with the use of antibiotics then your health will be poor for a long time. What you’ll also find with antibiotics use for acne is the acne returns as soon as the antibiotics are stopped, and it can come back worse.

Treating your yeast infection

Once you’ve sorted out an alternative treatment for your acne you can start treating your yeast infection. If you continue to use the antibiotics for your acne then you’re going to need to start taking something such as Diflucan, long term just to alleviate the symptoms of your yeast infection. While you’re still taking the antibiotics though, you will not be able to cure your fungal infection. All you’ll be able to do is take anti fungal drugs just to treat your symptoms while you keep on taking the antibiotics. It’s not something that you or your body will enjoy doing.

This means you’ll then be taking two different drugs long term, and that will not do your internal health any good. You’ll be killing the friendly bacteria in your body with one drug, and you’ll be creating a drug resistant fungus with the other drug. By the time you’ve come off of the antibiotics the fungus in your body will be extremely aggressive from the continual exposure to all of the drugs you are taking. And then if you continue to use more drugs in an attempt to cure your yeast infection they probably won’t work.

To treat you yeast infection you need to cleanse your body of the yeast and fungus. The antibiotics you’re taking have tipped the balance in your body in the favor of the yeast, and you probably had too much yeast in your body to begin with. Most people with a perfect inner balance can take antibiotics without getting a yeast infection.

Getting help

The quickest way to get your body back in the condition it was in before you started suffering from yeast infections is to get expert help. Sarah Summer has helped thousands of women in your position, and she can start helping you from today. Read more about Sarah here – Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections.

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