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Why Does Your Body Make Yeast

Why does your body make yeast? Your body doesn't make yeast, it enters your body on a daily basis when you eat and drink. A healthy body will ten take care of the yeasts, and they won't cause any problems. If your body's natural defenses are weakened then the yeasts will enter your body then multip[ly, and then mutate into fungi. It's this fungus that causes your yeast infections.

Recurrent yeast infections

If you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections then you probably do think that your body is making yeast. What is really happening is, your infection is not being cured with the anti fungal drugs you're using. These drugs only kill the fungus that is in your body or vagina at that time. They do nothing for the yeast that is entering your body on a daily basis, and your body can't stop that yeast from mutating into an aggressive fungus. The only way to deal with chronic Candida is to strengthen your body's natural defenses so you no longer suffer from yeast infections.

Getting the right help

To strengthen your body's natural defenses and also kill the fungus in your body without drugs requires expert help. Drugs that kill fungus also upset your body's natural bacterial and chemical balance so your body becomes a better breeding ground for yeast and fungus. This makes your recurrent yeast infections worse instead of better. Once your body can stop the yeast from mutating, that is when you'll stop your chronic Candida overgrowth.

Sarah Summer - Yeast Infection Expert

Sarah Summer knows everything about yeast and fungus, and her knowledge has helped tens of thousands of people cure their yeast infections without the need of any drugs. They have rid their body of fungus for good because Sarah has taught them everything about how the fungus feeds and survives in the human body.

You can find out more information about Sarah's cure here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

Candida Infections.

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