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If Your UTI Won't Go Away

If your UTI won't go away then you're either treating it incorrectly, or you have another infection, or the bacteria causing your infection is resistant to antibiotics.

Getting a prescription first

A lot of women now buy their med's online so they get them cheaper, and so they get them without a prescription. The problem with this is, it's only your doctor that knows what type of antibiotics you need for your infection. If your UTI won't go away then it could be for the simple reason that you're not using the right antibiotics.

Make sure you have a urinary tract infection

Another reason why it's important that you see your doctor is so you can get a correct diagnosis for your infection. Many vaginal infections have similar symptoms, and it's not impossible to self diagnose yourself and get it wrong. If you're not suffering from a bladder infection then the infection you do have could be getting worse.

Resistant E coli

If you've taken a lot of antibiotics in the past, or you have taken them incorrectly then you could have a resistant bacteria causing your infection. If this is the case then you need to treat your infection as fast as you can.

UTI 12 hour cure

If your UTI won't go away then the good news is, you can cure yourself in 12 hours with a natural remedy. This remedy has been created by Mary Jo Barton, and it has cured thousands of urinary tract infections worldwide.

You can be starting your treatment in the next hour. Just visit - - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Cure for more information.

Warning about your bladder infection

Remember, if your bladder infection doesn't go away you have a high risk of getting a kidney infection. You can be cured easily in 12 hours, and completely eliminate this risk.

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