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Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are caused by the E coli bacteria when it is able to make its way into the urethra. Cystitis, which is another form of UTI is a bladder infection, and then you have nephritis which is a urinary infection in the kidneys. An infection that starts in the urethra, and isn't treated in time will eventually lead to a kidney infection, and then onto possible kidney damage.

Causes of UTI's

Causes of UTI's vary but the main causes for perfectly healthy women to get infected are when the E coli bacteria that is present in and around the rectum makes its way into the urethra. Reason why this happens are...

  • Wiping from back to front after using the bathroom
  • Having sexual intercourse from behind
  • Personal hygiene is poor

Not realizing that these are the causes of your UTI can lead to chronic urinary tract infections. Repeated UTIs can easily be avoided once you know exactly what's causing them, and sometimes it's even the medication you're taking to cure your UTI.

Other causes of UTI are...

  • Not completely emptying bladder after urinating ( usually a physical problem causing this )
  • Being diabetic
  • Pregnancy
  • Stones in the urinary tract
  • A tumor in the urinary tract
  • 'Vesico-ureteric reflux' which is a condition that some children are born with
  • Antibiotics use or over use

Symptoms of UTI's

There are many symptoms of a urinary tract infection, and they are...

  • A burning sensation when urinating
  • The urge to urinate more frequently than usual
  • Needing to rush to get to the toilet in time to urinate
  • Having the sensation of needing to pass urine but being unable to do so
  • Cloudy urine which can have a foul smell
  • Blood in urine
  • Feeling unwell
  • Having a fever and chills

See your doctor

If you suspect you are suffering from a urinary tract infection from this list of symptoms its a good idea to still see your doctor for a correct diagnosis. Your doctor will perform a dip test usually with a fresh urine sample to see if your infection is a UTI. Your sample will also be sent away for a culture test so you get prescribed the correct antibiotics, but you will also be prescribed antibiotics in the mean time while your sample is being tested.

UTI natural remedies

UTI natural remedies are becoming more popular especially with women who suffer from frequent urinary infections because the over use of antibiotics is causing more resistant infections and causing other infections like yeast infections.

If you have suffered from yeast infection sin the past then a home remedy for UTI's will prevent you from getting infected again. Antibiotics can easily start your Candida overgrowth again which is not something you need straight after a UTI. Curing your UTI without antibiotics encourages your body to cope with the E coli bacteria without the need for any drugs.

Untreated UTI's

On very rare occasions UTI's will clear on their own, but this is lower than 1%. The reason this happens is the UTI sufferer will already have a strong immune system, and their diet consists of foods and drinks that flush out the E coli as if they're treating a UTI naturally. A much higher percentage of untreated UTI's will result in kidney infections, and worse still, kidney damage.

How long to cure a UTI

The time it akes to cure a bladder infection will depend on how you treat it... How Long To Cure A UTI.

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