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Treating Yeast Infections

Treating yeast infections can be difficult sometimes for a small percentage of women. This is because they are not treating their infection from the cause. They are just masking the symptoms by killing the yeast. You can treat your Candida overgrowth in two ways. You have the conventional method of anti fungal drugs, or you can use a natural or herbal treatment.

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Your options for treating yeast infections

The most common way to treat a yeast infection is with an OTC anti fungal cream. This works in a high percentage of cases, and generally the sufferer will never have any problems with yeast overgrowth again. These treatments work by killing the fungus in the vagina, and then the natural bacterial balance is restored, and the Candida that lives in the vagina naturally will be kept under control.

When you're treating yeast infections with an anti fungal cream such as Monistat it's important that you follow the instructions correctly. A lot of women go for the 7 day treatment, and then stop using the cream after 3 or 4 days because their symptoms have stopped. This is the quickest way to cause drug resistant, recurrent yeast infections. Although the symptoms usually stop after a few days, the fungus is still present, and so is the infection. When the fungus starts feeding inside your vagina again it will be more aggressive as it will have had some exposure to the cream.

WHat usually happens after this is the cream is used in exactly the same way, and then it doesn't take long for a drug resistant yeast infection to be created. Treating yeast infections with anti fungal creams really needs to be done under supervision from a doctor even though you can purchase the creams over the counter. The health of your vagina is important.

Candida Herbal Remedies

Your other option if anti fungal drugs are not working is an alternative cure for yeast infections that will cure your infection from the root cause. Natural yeast cures strengthen the body's natural defenses that have been weakened and allowed the yeast to run riot in your system. We all have Candida in our body that is kept under control by these natural defenses, and until they are re-strengthened then the yeast will always cause problems. Natural alternatives To Diflucan are being used more often because they work in a completely different way to anti fungal drugs.

How to cure yeast infections

You won't only kill the fungus ( as this is not how you cure Candida overgrowth ), you'll re-establish the colony of friendly bacteria in your body when you use natural treatments for yeast infections. These keep the Candida Albicans yeast under control, and prevent future vaginal, fungal infections. Herbs play a big part in natural remedies as drugs only upset your body's natural bacterial and chemical balance, so they should be avoided.

You can read more about curing your yeast infection naturally here - Sarah Summer's Natural Remedy For Yeast Infections.

Yeast infection home cure

Another way of treating yeast infections is to us a yeast infection home cure. THese are vaginal yeast infection cures that can be used instead of anti fungal drugs. They re-introduce beneficial bacteria back into your vagina rather than kill the fungus. This means you have no chance of creating a drug resistant infection. They just replace the beneficial bacteria that has been killed off in your vagina.

You've always had friendly bacteria in your vagina and using a home yeast cure os not doing anything unnatural, and is much more beneficial to your vagina than an anti fungal drug.


When you're treating yeast infections you can also do it with an oral anti fungal drug, Fluconazole. This is usually branded as Diflucan, and it is a treatment that comes in different strengths, and this makes it very important to only use this drug under the supervision of your doctor. Unlike an anti fungal cream, an oral anti fungal will kill fungus that lives in your intetsines.That means that if you take it incorrectly you'll create a drug resistant fungus in your intestines, and this will lead to a systemic yeast infection.

If you create a fungus in your intestines that can't be killed by any yeast infection treatments it will feed on the walls of your intestines until they becomes perforated, and then the toxins will enter your bloodstream. You'll then start suffering from symptoms that are not related to normal yeast infections, and it will be difficult to diagnose and cure your infection.

Treating yeast infections can be dangerous to your good health if you use anti fungal drugs incorrectly.

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