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Treating A Urinary Tract Infection

Treating a urinary tract infection offers you two methods of curing yourself. You can treat yourself with antibiotics that your doctor has prescribed or you can use a natural UTI cure that is becoming more popular. Both methods of treatment are talked about below. Whatever you're going to try, don't leave a urinary tract infection untreated.

Treating a urinary tract infection with antibiotics

Ten million women will go to see their doctor in the USA this year with a urinary tract infection, and they will all be prescribed antibiotics. Of these women 50% of them will need a second course of treatment. This could be because they never took the first course correctly, or the bacteria in their body is resistant to certain antibiotics now.

Alarmingly, what is on the increase is, more women purchasing antibiotics online without a prescription for their bladder infections. These women are putting their health in danger, and risking throwing their money away. These companies are usually offshore, and their web sites will tell you that a particular type of antibiotic is used for UTIs. The problem is they might not be the correct antibiotics for the purchaser. This means buying more antibiotics and then the risk arises of creating a drug resistant bacteria that causes an infection that needs hospital treatment.

If your UTI isn't treated in time it will spread to your kidneys, and this can lead to kidney damage, and you will almost certainly need antibiotics Pumped into on a drip while you stay in hospital. This is so unnecessary today with all the help you can get, but it still happens because of the ease in which women can now purchase antibiotics online.

If you have got your prescription and you can save money by purchasing the correct antibiotics for your urinary tract infection online then there's nothing wrong in that. But you still have to wait for them to be delivered, and in that time you could already have your infection fully cured ( see below ).

Treat a urinary tract infection naturally

More women are turning to treating a urinary tract infection naturally. This method is used by women whose UTI won't go away with antibiotics. The reasons for this are...

  • It's safer ( you can't create resistant bacteria )
  • It's a lot cheaper than drugs
  • It cures your infection in 12 hours ( drugs take at least 3 days if they work first time )
  • Your immune system isn't effected

Mary Jo Barton is the creator of the 12 hour natural UTI cure which has been used successfully by thousands of women worldwide. It's a step by step treatment plan that takes you by the hand for 12 hours until the bacteria is completely flushed out of your urinary tract. Once this is done you're infection and symptom free. If you take the drug route, you'll be lucky to even see your doctor in the next 12 hours.

For more information about Mary Jo Barton, and to read what other UTI sufferers have said about Mary helping them with the easy task of treating a urinary tract infection naturally, visit - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour Natural UTI Cure

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