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The Time It Takes For Probiotics To Work

The time it takes for probiotics to work will be different for everyone. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration that they might not even be working. If you're doing anything that encourages the fungus to keep breeding then the beneficial bacteria that you're putting into your body will always have something to battle.

Your diet

If you eat a diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates then you're continually feeding the fungus. Fungus loves sugar, and so does the yeast that mutates into the fungus. So in eating a diet high in these foods is going to force your probiotics to do more work. You need them to do as little work as possible so they can regain control of the bacteria in your body in the shortest time possible. The fungus is destroying your health while it is feeding in your intestines.

The quality of your probiotics

The time is takes for probiotics to work depends on the quality of them. A high quality probiotic such as Bowtrol Probiotic will survive the journey past your stomach acid so it gets to the parts of your intestines that it is needed the most. If you're using a cheap probiotic that you've purchased off of a shop shelf then they might not even be doing anything.

A lot of cheap brands either die on the shelf or in your stomach. Bowtrol probiotics are protected so that they survive the journey past your stomach acid and get into your intestines where they can start taking control of the Candida.

Speed up the time it take for probiotics to work

You can speed up the time at takes for probiotics to work by feeding them as they pass through your digestive tract. Inuflora Powder is a supplement that is a powder that can be taken and is food for beneficial bacteria. So it feeds the friendly bacteria that is already living in your intestines.

Give it some time

The severity of your yeast infection will also have an effect on the time it takes for your probiotics to work. If you've had the fungal overgrowth in your intestines for along time, then reestablishing your natural intestinal flora will take a long time. The more you do to feed the friendly bacteria and starve the fungus the quicker the probiotics will work.

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