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Can You Have Sex While Using Monistat

Can you have sex while using Monistat? Your yeast infection is caused by a fungus that is eating your skin cells on the inside of your vagina. This fungus can be passed onto your partner, and then when you're cured, your partner can pass the fungus back. Monistat takes a week to cure your infection, if you can abstain from sex for a week then you'll benefit from it, and so will your partner.

Passing the infection to your partner

If you choose to have sex while you're using Monistat then you're going to pass your infection on to your partner. When the yeast and fungus gets onto your partner it will have been exposed to the treatment you're using, and then when you partner needs to treat their infection it could be difficult and the treatment they use might not work. Once the yeast and fungus have been exposed and then they survive they will mutate into a stronger strain that slowly becomes drug resistant.

You won't know if that takes one exposure or many. If you've used the cream before then it is more likely that you're already carrying a stronger strain of yeast and fungus.

if your partner doesn't show any signs of an infection, and you manage to treat yours, they could pass the infection back to you, and then you'll have to start your treatment all over again. When you do start treating your infection again, you'll have the fungus on you that has been exposed to the cream, and you could have trouble curing your infection. You'll also have to go without having sex again while you're using the Monistat.


Monistat can weaken the effectiveness of all barrier types of contraception so if you use these during sex then you have the risk of getting pregnant. You'll also risk passing the infection onto your partner when the condom starts melting.

Your vaginal health

Sex while using Monistat means that you're causing friction on skin that is at present being eaten. The skin inside the vagina is already sensitive so you don't really want to do anything that can cause further harm. Not only that, but you can push the infection further into your cervix. Do you want to risk doing that because you can't go 7 days without sex?

The effectiveness of the Monistat

If you're using Monistat 1 then you're only applying the treatment once. If you have sex and the effectiveness of the treatment decreases then you could end up needing to treat your infection again. If you keep exposing the fungus to more Monistat then your have the risk of the fungus becoming resistant to it, and then you'll need to start taking oral anti fungal drugs to cure your infection.

It is up to you though

At the end of the day no one can force you not to have sex. I think the risks far outweigh the benefits especially as you can be cured in 7 days providing the treatment works first time.

If you're thinking about sexual intercourse while you're using anti fungal creams because they are taking longer than 7 days to cure your infection then you need to use a different treatment. Find out more information about a natural cure that has been used by over 100,000 sufferers worldwide here - Natural Treatment For Yeast Infections, Natural Candida Cure

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