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Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Recurring urinary tract infections are a major problem for a small percentage of women worldwide. Most recurring bladder infections re caused by resistant E coli, and they are created from too much exposure to antibiotics. Most women that have resistant E coli have taken many courses of antibiotics for other infections, and when the time has come to treat a UTI the E coli have already become resistant.

Buying antibiotics online

Another major cause of recurring urinary tract infections is the easy availability of antibiotics online. Women read something either at the sales site or from another site that a particular type of antibiotics will cure a urinary tract infection, and then start using it. Only your doctor knows what type of antibiotics you need to take because they have your full history of everything you've ever taken.

One type of antibiotic will work for one women and not another because of the exposure that bacteria that lives in their body, has has to previous courses.

Not using antibiotics properly

When antibiotics are purchased online they are not used with the guidance of a medical professional. Antibiotics are powerful anti bacterial drugs that need to be taken in certain doses for a certain amount of time. Using them for too long or too little time can seriously effect your health. If you don't take them for long enough you will not kill all of the bacteria so they will become resistant because bacteria mutate into stronger strains as a self defense mechanism.

Treating recurring urinary tract infections

Treating recurring urinary tract infections is easy. And the good news is your infection will be fully treated by this time tomorrow. You can treat chronic UTIs naturally so you don't need any drugs, and you have no chance of creating any more resistance with the bacteria.

When you use drugs to treat your infections they need to kill of the bacteria in your body. This continual exposure is what causes the infections to become recurrent. With a natural UTI cure you only need to flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract, and this is done in 12 hours form start to finish of your treatment.

More women who suffer from chronic UTis are turning to natural treatments and are having great success. The most popular natural UTI treatment for chronic bladder infections is Mary Jo Barton's 12 hour natural treatment. Mary has helped thousands of women worldwide, and you can read more about her treatment here - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Cure.

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