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Recurrent Yeast Infections

Recurrent yeast infections now effect 5% of women, and they don't understand why their Candida infections keep coming back, or how to successfully treat yeast. The good news is they can be treated, and there's no reason why you or anyone else should suffer with chronic yeast infections if your health is generally good. Once you treat the cause of your chronic infections instead of just killing the fungus you'll soon stop your infections.

The cause of your yeast infections

All yeast infections have a cause, and conventional over the counter yeast infection creams don't cure your vaginal infection from this cause, they just cure what's causing the symptoms. Once you have established the cause of your Candida overgrowth you can then successfully cure your recurrent yeast infections. You need to discover the cause because if you keep having yeast infections and you're continually using anti fungal drugs then you're only going to create a drug resistant fungus that becomes very difficult to eliminate from your body.

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While you're continually applying creams, inserting suppositories or taking oral anti fungal drugs in an attempt to cure your re-occurring yeast infections the Candida yeast is becoming resistant to what ever you are using. In the end this becomes another reason why your yeast infections are recurrent. And you're also creating a super yeast that will become more difficult to remove from your body.

See your doctor about a health cause

It's very important to visit your doctor if your yeast infections are recurrent. Having a yeast infection for a long time can be a sign of an underlying health condition. Two main concerns would be Diabetes and the HIV/AIDS virus. Both of these health conditions would need to be seen to as soon as possible.

If you have self diagnosed your yeast infection your doctor can make sure you have actually got a yeast infection. So many women continue to treat their vaginal infection with an OTC yeast cream when they don't have a yeast infection. If you have misdiagnosed yourself you take the risk of permanent damage being caused to your kidneys or your reproductive organs if you're suffering from another bacterial infection.

Yeast infections and antibiotics

Antibiotics use is now the biggest cause of recurrent yeast infections and many other bacterial and fungal infections. If you have used antibiotics recently or a lot in the past then they could be the cause of your infections. Antibiotics are an excellent weapon against the infection they were prescribed for, but they also kill your body's friendly bacteria that is your body's natural weapon used to fight off bacteria and fungus, and friendly bacteria also helps to keep your immune system at full strength.

Antibiotics also cause the usually harmless Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into it's fungal form. Most people are OK after a course of antibiotics, but if your friendly bacteria is too low, or your immune system is weak then the Candida can easily mutate if your body has nothing to defend itself with. And this makes getting rid of yeast infections very difficult.

Chemicals can cause recurrent yeast infections

Certain soaps and detergent can cause chronic yeast infections. They can upset the natural chemical balance around the area of the vagina, and this creates an environment that the Candida will mutate into a fungus in. Your can experiment with a different washing powder or liquid to see if this makes any difference, and you can also make sure your underwear is white cotton as this allows the area to breath better.

If you're using soap or shower gel to keep yourself clean in that area then you should start using a chemical free soap that has no added ingredients that start causing irritation. Simple steps like these can put an end to frequent yeast infections in some women. If they don't make a difference then you at least know it's something else causing your infection.

Oral anti fungal drugs

Oral anti fungal drugs that have been used too often can cause frequent yeast infections. Some women are using Fluconazole all the time in the hope that it's suddenly gong to cure their drug resistant fungal infection. This is not going to happen. Once the Candida fungus has had exposure to the drug on a number of occasions it will just get stronger every time it is used.

Are you suffering from Diabetes

Diabetes and yeast infections are commonly seen together, and an underlying health condition such as diabetes can cause recurrent yeast infections. Diabetes weakens the immune system, and it also raises blood sugar levels so it creates an environment in the body that fungus thrives in. If you're suffering from persistent Candida then it's a good idea o get your health checked out by your doctor.

How you can cure your recurrent yeast infections

To treat your recurrent yeast infections you need to attack the yeast from multiple angles. the treatment you're using at the moment is just killing the yeast in the hope that it doesn't return. With this approach the yeast will always return, and when it does it will come back stronger every time.

You need to completely change the way your dealing with your infection because your body has become a perfect host for the yeast, and it is enjoying its living conditions. You have to make the conditions unfavorable.

Sarah Summer's chronic yeast cure

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Sarah knows how to...

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