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Can You Pass On A Yeast Infection To Your Partner

You can easily pass on a yeast infection to your partner if you're both enjoying unprotected sex. Your infection is caused by a fungus that feeds on skin cells, and it will keep on searching for fresh skin cells whether they are yours or your partners.

Chronic yeast infections

If you have sex when you're experiencing a fungal infection then you will pass on a yeast infection to your partner. If you cure your infection, and then have sex again with your partner you can be re-infected even when your partner has shown no sign of any symptoms. This turns into a chronic yeast infection that then needs a another course of treatment. Because you will be infected with fungus that has already been exposed to the same treatment you will begin to make the fungus resistant, and this will make your next infection harder to treat.

Resistant yeast infections

If you create a drug resistant yeast infection you will both have it, and then you will both need to start taking oral drugs to cure your infections. If you're still having sex during this time you will will continue to pass on a Candida infection to your partner, and then have it passed back again. Some couples go on like this for months before they realize that the infection is being passed back and forth.

Having sex with a yeast infection

Having sex with a yeast infection is not a good idea. If you're using an anti fungal cream then it will damage most barrier forms of protection. It should only take a week to cure your infection, and if you can wait that long then your experience with fungal infections will be a short lived one.

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