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Using Monistat If You Don't Have A Yeast Infection

Using Monistat if you don't have a yeast infection will create an infection, and the infection will quickly become resistant to the cream or suppository. The Candida Albicans yeast that causes infections lives in your vagina all the time. If you start exposing it to any anti fungal drugs then you will force it to mutate into an aggressive fungus that will start eating the skin on the inside of you vagina.

Masking the real infection

If you do have an infection it's not a yeast infection then the Monistat will mask the symptoms of the infection. This will lead you to believe that you have a yeast infection even if you don't. While the symptoms are being masked the actual infection will be getting worse so you will end up with two infections that will need immediate help from your doctor.

Your yeast infection will get worse

If the original infection you had requires antibiotics then the yeast infection that you have created will get worse as antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections. They kill off your body's natural defenses, and you won't be able to treat the infection while you're taking antibiotics. If you continue to use anti fungal drugs while you're taking antibiotics then you're just going to make the fungus even more resistant to drugs.

If your body can't stop the yeast from breeding because the antibiotics are killing all the friendly bacteria then it will always come back. And because you'll be taking anti fungal drugs at the same time, they will come back stronger than the time before.

Always see your doctor first

If you're suffering from any vaginal infection you must see your doctor first so you get a correct diagnosis as soon as possible. Just guessing what infection you have can make you seriously ill if you don't treat it with the right medication.

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