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Can You Leave A Urinary Tract Infection Untreated

Can you leave a urinary tract infection untreated? The simple answer to this question is, no. Because of the effects this could have on the body it's a question that is usually only asked by first time sufferers as anyone with any experience of a UTI will know that they only get worse when they are left untreated.

Seeing your doctor

If you start experiencing any urinary tract infection symptoms you must see your doctor as soon as possible. This is the only way you can be certain that you are suffering from a urinary tract infection. A UTI can have similar symptoms to other vaginal infections, and treating them with a UTI cure could make them worse.

Some women want to avoid seeing their doctor about a vaginal infection, but this is dangerous, and any vaginal infection needs a correct diagnosis as soon as possible.

What is a urinary tract infection

A UTI is caused by bacteria entering your urethra, and if you don't do anything to remove the bacteria then it will spread until it has infected your kidneys. If it is still left untreated this can lead to death. Even if the infection gets to your kidneys and you treat it, you will at the very least end up in hospital taking antibiotics on a drip.

Taking antibiotics can have a bad effect on your good health so having them fed to you on a drip can make your health worse, especially if you've taken a lot of antibiotics in the past.

Are you looking for another treatment

Some women want to leave a urinary tract infection untreated because they want to avoid taking any more antibiotics. Some women get a yeast infection as soon as they take another course of antibiotics because of what they do to intestinal bacteria as well as the bacteria causing their infection.

The good news is, you have a choice, and you can treat your UTI naturally and avoid taking any more antibiotics. There are many pluses with treating your urinary tract infection naturally which are...

  • Cheaper than antibiotics
  • Cures you in 12 hours instead of days or weeks
  • Strengthens your immunity instead of weakening it
  • Doesn't create resistant bacteria in your body

You can find out more information on the best selling natural UTI treatment available here - Mary Jo Barton's Natural UTI Cure.

Whatever you choose to treat your UTI make sure you treat it correctly and a soon as possible.

Never leave a urinary tract infection untreated.

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