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Intestinal Yeast Infections

Intestinal yeast infections are becoming more popular due to our modern day diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates and low in nutrition. The overuse of prescription drugs plays an important role in Candia overgrowth in our intestines as well, and the main culprits are antibiotics, the birth control pill and corticosteroids. Indigestion remedies are causing more infections also as they neutralize stomach acid that kills bacteria and other microorganisms.

Gastrointestinal yeast infection

When the Candida first starts infecting the gastrointestinal tract you will experience a few digestive disorders. The symptoms will be indigestion, gas and bloating. The reason these symptoms start is because the mutated Candida yeast slowly wipes out your friendly bacteria, and your friendly bacteria is needed to digest your food properly, and the Candida yeast is a gas forming bacteria. Candida overgrowth is helped along at this stage when sufferers start taking indigestion remedies to combat their digestive trouble.

When the antacids are taken they neutralize the stomach acid, and this acid not only sets your food up for proper digestion, but it also kills Candida and other microorganisms that get swallowed with your food. Once the Candida survives past your stomach it easily infects your intestines where it will make a home on the walls of your intestines, and start feeding on your skin cells.

Leaky gut syndrome caused by intestinal yeast infections

Once the mutated Candida starts feeding on the cells of your intestinal walls they eventually perforate them, and this is known as leaky gut syndrome. Toxins from the Candida yeast, tiny particles of food and ( in some cases ) the Candida yeast themselves enter the bloodstream. This creates new symptoms that include...

  • Chronic fatigue, especially after eating
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Foggy brain
  • Concentration problems
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, or other odors
  • Allergies ( including both food and air born )
  • Chronic fungal infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm or " jock itch "
  • Chronic vaginal or urinary infections
  • Rectal itching
  • Severe pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Gastro Intestinal problems such as: bloating, gas, intestinal cramps, chronic diarrhea, constipation, or heartburn
  • Acne
  • Prostatitis

There are so many symptoms, and not everyone suffers from the same symptoms so it makes it almost impossible for a doctor to diagnose. Also doctors have nothing to treat intestinal yeast infections as they only have more drugs that make the environment in your body even more favorable to the mutated Candida.

When intestinal yeast overgrowth is misdiagnosed the infection will get worse, and in worst cases some people end up bedridden because of the chronic fatigue it causes. And this also can take months to reverse even with the proper anti Candida protocol.

Natural cure for intestinal yeast

If you are suffering from intestinal Candida overgrowth there is a cure for you. A yeast infection natural cure is the only way you can successfully treat your intestinal infection because as well as killing the Candida it will promote the re-growth of friendly bacteria, and also strengthen your immune system. Your friendly bacteria population and your immune system are 2 important pieces of eliminating the Candida Albicans yeast from your body.

The most successful natural cure you can use is Sarah Summer's natural yeast cure. Sarah Summer was a one-time intestinal yeast infection sufferer who researched as much information as she could to rid her body of this destructive fungus.

Sarah now has a successful anti Candida program and also offers one to one support so you can cure your intestinal Candida overgrowth. You can read more about Sarah's program and what previous yeast infection sufferers have to say here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

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