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Intestinal Candida

Intestinal Candida is something we all suffer from. Candida lives in all of us, it's just that for the people with intestinal yeast infections, the Candida is not being kept under control. Your body has lost control of it, and now the yeast in your stomach is able to mutate into an aggressive fungus that is feeding on the walls of your intestines, and also on some of the foods that you eat. Yeast infections in the intestines always have a cause, and you need to discover the cause so you can successfully treat them.

Intestinal Candida symptoms

Some of the symptoms of internal Candida infections are...

  • Bloating and gas
  • Low energy levels
  • Sugar cravings
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Recurrent yeast infections
  • And many more

Depending on your long the yeast has taken over your intestines, that will have an effect on what symptoms you're currently suffering from. Bloating and gas are first, and then when the fungus has perforated the walls of your intestines you'll start suffering from symptoms all over your body. This i son the inside of your body as well as the outside. Once the toxins from the Candida fungus are in your bloodstream then you're in trouble.

Treating Intestinal Yeast Infections intestinal

When you treat intestinal Candida you need to attack the fungus from more than one angle. An anti fungal drug will just kill the fungus in the hope that your yeast infection doesn't come back. WHen you treat the Candida ion your intestines naturally you'll be killing the fungus, and you'll also be restoring your intestinal; flora so that your body can have control of the Candida again. Once you get the control back then your intestinal infection will be gone.

Your intestinal flora and yeast overgrowth

You have good bacteria and bad bacteria and yeasts in your intestines. WHen you are healthy everything is in balance. When your friendly bacteria levels go down you start suffering from yeast infections. Your immune system also gets weakened as it depends on friendly bacteria to keep it strong. You have to restore the levels of good bacteria while you're killing the fungus with herbs. More drugs upset the bacterial and chemical balance even further, and will make your infection worse.

Getting the right help

To speed up the recovery time of your intestinal Candida so you don't suffer from a yeast infection for too long you need the right help. You need the help from someone who has already helped tens of thousands of sufferers, and this person is Sarah Summer. She knows everything about yeast infections, and this is why she is so good at eliminating from the human body.

You can read more about curing your yeast infection naturally here - Yeast Infection Expert, Sarah Summer.

Recurrent Yeast Infections.

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