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Indigestion Causes - Acid Reflux

Indigestion causes are numerous but a few are quite common and most sufferers of acid indigestion are unaware that they are causing the problem with their eating habits. Once you've discovered the causes of acid indigestion you'll be able to live a more comfortable life, and also give up taking any antacids or other prescription drugs. These will eventually ruin your health, and can make the problem worse.


One of the major indigestion causes is overeating. If you're suffering from acid indigestion after every meal then it would be a good idea to cut down. If you can you should leave the table when you're still a bit hungry so your stomach isn't so full, and your digestive juices can digest what you've just eaten.

When you eat too much it makes it hard work for your body to digest your meal, and so it will lay in your stomach longer and cause a lot of gas and burping. To much food in your stomach will also help to push stomach acid up into your esophagus which is where you feel the burning. These are just some of the heartburn indigestion symptoms you can suffer from.

Indigestion chest pain and spicy foods

Eating spicy foods cause the stomach to produce more acid than usual, and this acid can spill over into your esophagus and can cause chronic indigestion. So cutting down on these types of foods can help you if you're eating them a lot. We eat more take-aways now than we use too so we are eating less natural foods that are a better option.

Eating too late is a cause of acid indigestion

If you eat late at night then you'll be going to bed with food still in your stomach. This is another thing that makes it easier for food and acid get into your esophagus. As your body slows down when you're asleep your food will digest slower so it will hang around in your stomach longer and cause gas and bloating.

Heal acid reflux naturally

If you're continually suffering from indigestion causes then it could be a good idea to heal your indigestion naturally. A lifetime of antacids and other drugs can seriously damage your health, and in the end can make your indigestion worse.

You can learn how to start taking control of your acid indigestion in as little as 2 days here - Heartburn No More.

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