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How To Cure Ringworm

You have a few different methods of how to cure ringworm, and you need to consider a few factors before you decide on which treatment you're going to use. They are...

  • How long you want you're ringworm treatment to take to work
  • What type of ringworm you have
  • How safe you want your treatment to be
  • How effective you want the ringworm cure to be

How long to cure your ringworm

Ringworm treatments all vary in length of time to cure different types of ringworm. Ringworm of the scalp takes up to ten weeks to cure with a conventional treatment. This treatment consists of a shampoo, and an oral anti fungal. The oral anti fungal is needed because the shampoo can't penetrate the scalp deep enough to kill all of the fungus.

The oral anti fungal that is taken also comes with side effects. The main one being if you're a man who wants to start a family you have to wait 6 months after your treatment is finished before you can safely do so. If you're taking the anti fungal drug for 10 weeks then this 6 months turns into nearly 9 months.

How to cure ringworm in the nail

Nail ringworm is more stubborn that scalp ringworm, and nail ringworm treatment can be an oral anti fungal that could need to be taken for up to a year. This kind of ringworm cure could eventually effect your health as this length of time on oral anti fungals can effect your body's natural bacterial balance.

How to cure ringworm of the skin

Conventional skin ringworm cures don't take as long as scalp and nail ringworm cures. You can have skin ringworm cured within 4 weeks if you just need an anti fungal cream. If your skin ringworm is has burrowed its way into your skin too deep for the cream to kill it you will need to start taking oral anti fungals to cure your infection, and possibly corticosteroids for your skin irritation and pain.

How to cure ringworm naturally

If you don't want to be treating any of your ringworm for anywhere up to a year you have options, and these options are...

  • Safe to use by the whole family
  • A lot cheaper than prescription medicines and drugs
  • Have no side effects
  • Cure your skin and scalp infections in a week or less
  • Are completely natural
  • Easy to use and apply

Daniel Sanderson has created a ringworm home treatment that is made from products that you can buy in your local supermarket or health food store. They are a lot cheaper to buy than conventional anti fungal drugs, and you can be curing yourself from today.

You can cure scalp, skin and nail ringworm all at the same time with the same treatment so there's no need to have a different ringworm cure for each part of your body. It's a home ringworm cure that can be used by the whole family, and it gives relief instantly, and will have your ringworm cured completely in a week or less. Nail ringworm will probably take longer as the nail usually has to grow out first as the ringworm infects the keratin ( protein ) under the nail.

If you want the speed and safety of a home ringworm treatment you can read more information here - Daniel Sanderson's Home Remedy For Ringworm.

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