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How Long To Take Antibiotics For A UTI

If you need to know how long to take antibiotics for a UTI then you need to see your doctor. Only your doctor will know this because it is different for everyone. Not all urinary tract infections need the same type of antibiotics, and they all come in different strengths as well.

Creating an antibiotic resistant bacteria

Getting the wrong type of antibiotics and using them for the incorrect amount of time will create an E coli bacteria that is resistant. This can be very dangerous for your health as the infection will then spread to your kidneys. If this happens you'll need immediate hospital treatment. It will also make future infections very difficult to treat as the bacteria in your body will have had too much exposure to antibacterial drugs.

UTI 12 hour cure

If you can't see your doctor in time then you can cure yourself naturally in the next 12 hours. Mary Jo Barton has created a 12 hour UTI cure that has been used successfully by thousands of women worldwide. Because it is completely natural you won't weaken your immune system by taking drugs, and you won't create a resistant bacteria.

You can be starting your treatment in the next hour. Just visit - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Cure for more information.

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