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How Long To Cure A UTI

How long to cure a UTI? That will depend on how you want to cure your urinary tract infection. You really have two choices of treatments for UTI's, and they are antibiotics or a natural cure. Depending on what you've already tried, your financial situation, and a prescription from your doctor, these will influence your choice of treatment

How long to cure UTI with a natural remedy

A natural urinary tract infection treatment will have you cured in 12 hours. A natural treatment works this fast because it flushes the E coli out of your urethra, and has no effect on the E coli that lives naturally in your bowel. Other benefits of a natural UTI cure are...

  • Keep your natural intestinal flora healthy
  • Don't give you a risk of a yeast infection
  • Save money over purchasing antibiotics
  • Won't expose the bacteria in your body to drugs that cause resistance

How long to cure UTI with antibiotics

Antibiotics will take anywhere from a few days to weeks top cure your UTI. It will depend on whether you get the right type first time, and this will depend on the exposure your body has had to antibiotics in the past. 50% of women need a second course of antibiotics, and with every course you take you have a higher risk of needing yet another course.

You'll also need to take a course of probiotics afterwards so your intestinal flora stays in tact, and so does your immune system.

The choice is yours

If you want to use a natural UTI cure that will take 12 hours then visit - Mary Jo Barton's Natural Cure For UTI without antibiotics.

If you want to take antibiotics then you should see your doctor first so you get prescribed the correct type, and get given the correct dosage. Don't purchase antibiotics online without knowing what you';re taking. You can mess up your intestinal flora, and you can also cause a drug resistant urinary tract infection.

how long to cure a UTI

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