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Home Remedies For Strep Throat

Home remedies for strep throat are now the choice of parents who want to keep their children away from antibiotics, and for parents who's children have taken too many courses of antibiotics. One parent who wanted to stop his child from continually taking antibiotics was William Hammond, and he wanted an alternative strep throat remedy for his son so bad that he went out of his way to discover one.


Strep Throat Doctor

William Hammond's Strep Throat home remedy is no longer available because of plant based remedies such as Strep Throat Doctor which you can read more about here - Strep Throat Doctor.

Amoxicillin for strep throat

William's son suffered from all the symptoms of strep throat like scratchy coughs, pain and severe sore throats every winter. William knew that the continual use of the antibiotics every time his son suffered was making the infections worse as his health was deteriorating with the constant antibiotics use.

William had to find a natural cure for strep throat

William thought about home remedies for strep throat, and then went out to find one. Not only would he be able to treat his son from home, but he would know exactly that everything going into his body was going to be good for him, and not destroy his immunity to infections like the antibiotics did.

Recurrent strep throat

After William's son suffered another recurrent strep throat infection while going on holiday he started learning about natural medicines from nutritionists, natural healers and medical experts. He questioned them continually about curing strep throat without the use of antibiotics even though they were curing his son's strep throat, they were also causing the next one.

Luckily enough for william he visited his aunt who had a neighbor across the road who was a health researcher. The health researcher was a 61 year old lady who had helped thousands of people over the last 40 years with her experience in natural health.

William got the knowledge he needed to cure his son's strep throat with a home remedy.

Home remedies for strep throat are now yours too

William's knowledge for his home remedy for strep throat is now yours also. His natural cure just targets the bacteria in your child's throat, and unlike antibiotics doesn't kill all of the friendly bacteria that they need for a strong immune system, and to fight off infections naturally.

His home remedy is based on natural ingredients that you can buy in your local health food store, and they're just put into hot water. The steam from the water is then inhaled so they get straight to the bacteria causing the strep throat infection.

You can read more information on William's home remedies for strep throat, and read customer testimonials here - William Hammond's Home Remedy For Strep Throat.


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