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Herpes Or A Yeast Infection

Do you have Herpes or a yeast infection? If you really don't know the answer then you need to go and see your doctor. If you have no idea what vaginal infection you have then you might not even have one if these. Only your doctor can give you a correct diagnosis so you can start treating your infection correctly as soon as possible. Your good health is at risk if you don't.

Treating herpes with a yeast infection treatment

If you look at a list of symptoms on the internet, and you start treating herpes with a yeast infection treatment ( because you got the self diagnosis wrong ) you will end up with a yeast infection as well as herpes. It will be the same if you start treating any vaginal infection with a Candida cure. You're going to cause fungal overgrowth in your vagina.

When you apply an anti fungal cream to your vagina you cause the Candida that lives in it to mutate into a fungus. Because your symptoms won't disappear, or will reappear after you stop your treatment you'll start applying more cream. Then every time you apply the Candida cure the fungus will just keep on mutating into a more aggressive strain.

Always see your doctor first

If you're suffering from any vaginal infection you must see your doctor first. Your health is at risk if you don't as there are so many vaginal infection that all have similar symptoms. If you don't know whether you have herpes or a yeast infection then you really have no idea what you have. This makes a visit to your doctor even more important.

Yeast Infections.

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