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Heartburn Indigestion Symptoms

If you're suffering from heartburn indigestion symptoms then you're probably always taking antacid supplements to get some relief. In the end these supplements can make your symptoms worse because they effect the way your stomach start producing acid, and too little acid can cause symptoms of acid indigestion just as much as too much acid can. If you're suffering from any symptoms of acid reflux then you need to start treating your symptoms from the cause instead of masking them with supplements and drugs.


Heartburn is a burning sensation that you get in your chest while you're suffering from indigestion. The burning is caused by the acid coming up into the esophagus from your stomach, and because the esophagus hasn't got the protective lining like the stomach has, you suffer from the burning sensation.

Bitter taste in the mouth and sore throat

Due to the acid that keeps entering the esophagus there can be a bitter taste in the mouth. This acid activity in places that it shouldn't be can also cause an inflammation in the throat, and make it sore. This can lead to constant throat clearing and constant coughing.

Barrett's Esophagus

These heartburn indigestion symptoms can in rare cases lead to Barrett's Esophagus which is basically abnormal cells growing in the esophagus. This can lead to suffering from cancer if you just leave the acid to keep burning your esophagus so it's important that you start eliminating the cause of your acid reflux symptoms as soon as possible.

Just masking them with antacids will do your body no good either. If you're continually taking indigestion remedies then you'll continually have undigested food passing through your intestines, bowel and colon. This can increase your chances of intestinal Candida and other serious diseases such as bowel cancer.

Natural cure for heartburn acid indigestion

If you learn how to cure your heartburn indigestion symptoms naturally you'll cure them before they happen. There is a reason why you're suffering from acid indigestion, and once you find out why you'll no longer need antacids or prescription drugs. The companies that make these things are cashing in every day because they don't treat the cause of the problem.

You can learn how to start taking control of your acid indigestion in as little as 2 days here - Heartburn No More.

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