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The right head lice advice is going to get your child a safe, natural side effect free cure in the quickest time possible. Head lice are an aggravating problem for children as they feed on their scalp and cause allergic reactions. Knowing what they look like, how they live and how you can kill them is going to give your child relief from their itching and scratching.

What are head lice

Head lice are insects that can grab onto your child's hair very tightly with its hooked shaped legs. They will hold on until they are either dead or are removed. Although many people think they either jump of fly between childrens heads, head lice can't jump, fly or hop between heads. They are only transferred through contact.

Here are head lice microscopic...

Head Lice Advice

Symptoms of head lice

Head lice symptoms are usually itching. This is caused by a substance the lice inject into your child's scalp before they start feeding on the blood. This is to stop the blood clotting while they're feeding on it. The itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the substance they inject into the scalp. These little holes the lice put into your child's head are the main reason why natural lice treatments have become so popular. The chemicals in over the counter lice treatments can enter your child's bloodstream through these tiny lesions.

Most children don't suffer any itching, and the only way the lice are detected is by looking through your child's hair. If your child does start itching this can mean they've had the lice infestation on their scalp for about 3 months. It takes this long for the allergic reaction to occur.

How to check for head lice

Checking your child's head for lice can be tricky sometimes. Lice move very fast so the easiest way to look for an infestation is by finding the eggs ( nits ). You need to be in good light and with a magnifying glass the part the hair and start looking. You want to look right at the root of the hair because this is where the lice move about on your child's head. They love the warmth of the scalp, and they will lay their eggs on the shafts of hair right on the scalp.

Head Lice Advice Nits

Head lice advice from your doctor

For a more accurate diagnosis you'll get good head lice advice from your doctor. But your doctor will instantly prescribe a chemical treatment to rid your child's head of the infestation. This can have side effects as the chemicals in the treatment can enter the bloodstream through the tiny lesions the lice cause when they're feeding.

Natural remedy for head lice

If you don't want your child to use conventional head lice treatment there are very good natural head lice remedies available for getting rid of lice. Natural lice removers are a lot safer as they don't have the side effects of the treatments you'll buy over the counter. They have a much better success rate as well as more lice are now resistant to the chemicals in OTC head lice treatments. You can read more head lice advice and information on a natural head lice treatment that has been used by thousands of head lice sufferers here - Vickies natural head lice cure.

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