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Thousands of parent are now successfully getting rid of lice from their childrens' scalps, and in some cases their own scalps, it's not only children taht get head lice. Long gone are the days when you needed chemical formulas to rid a head of lice. Now it is done first time with natural lice treatments that don't cause any harm to your child's scalp or your own. The chemicals that are meant to kill teh lice can also harm your child.

Side effects of chemical head lice treatments

When you're getting rid of lice with a chemical treatment they carry the risk of some side effects. these include...

  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Nerve damage
  • Convulsions
  • Liver damage
  • Disrupt hormonal function
  • Kidney damage
  • Immune system damage

These side effects probably very rarely occur with one-time usage but most children now are using these chemicals on a regular basis due to teh strain of lice they are infected with being immune to teh tretament.

Natural head lice removal

The option of a natural lice remover is being used by more worried parents now than ever. Chemical treatments that can causes side effects are being ignored in favor on natural head lice treatments for this and other reasons.

Resistant head lice

More head lice are now resistant to the chemicals that are put into over the counter head lice treatments, and prescription cures. This is happening because the lice havew been continually exposed to the same chemicals for too many years so in the end the treatments become useless.

Poisons entering the bloodstream

When the lice feed on the scalp they make tiny little holes so they can feed on the blood. These holes are entry points for the chemicals in all over the counter lice treatments, and worried parents now want to avoid these treatments for getting rid of lice for this reason. And who can blame them, do you like the thought of chemicals entering your child's bloodstream? You can now avoid this blood poisoning if you want to.

Natural cure for head lice

You can now easily purchase a natural cure for getting rid of head lice that has been used successfully for 8 years by head lice sufferers. Read about Vickies natural head lice treatment here - Vickies natural head lice cure.

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