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Fluconazole Made Yeast Infection Worse

If Fluconazole made your yeast infection worse then there are some good reasons that this has happened. Fluconazole ( brand name Diflucan ) is used successfully by a high percentage of Candida sufferers, but for some it doesn't work. One of the main reasons is it only kills fungus and doesn't in nay way prevent the fungus from re-infecting your body, and that is what is needed to treat your infection successfully.

See your doctor

If Flucoanzole made your yeast infection worse and you haven't seen your doctor yet, then it's important that you do. If you have another vaginal infection then using Fluconazole is not going to treat it, so you could have another infection that has gotten worse because it hasn't been treated yet.

Treat your yeast infection from the cause

Flucoanzole made your yeast infection worse because you have only been treating the symptoms of your infection. The fungus that has infected your body is not the infection. The real infection is the Candida in your body has mutated into fungus. So in order to cure your yeast problem you have to stop the Candida from mutating. You can't just kill the fungus and hope your infection won't come back.

Using Fluconazole too often

If you have used Fluconazole in the past then you could have created a yeast infection that is now resistant to the drug. So every time you now take it, instead of it curing your infection you're actually making the fungus stronger. The fungus gets stronger by mutating into a more resistant strain.

A natural cure for your yeast infections

If Fluconazole made your yeast infection worse then you can cure yourself naturally. When you use a natural Candida cure you'll be treating your infection from the cause, and you'll be preventing another infection from occurring. This is because you'll be strengthening your body's natural defenses so the Candida can no longer mutate into a fungus.

Sarah Summer is a health writer who has created a natural cure that treats your infection from the root cause without the need for any drugs.

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