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Fluconazole After Antibiotics

Can you use Fluconazole after antibiotics because the antibiotics have cause a yeast infection is not always the best approach to treat your fungal overgrowth. The antibiotics haven't put the fungus in your body, they have killed off your body's natural defenses, and this has allowed the fungus to flourish. Killing the fungus with drugs won't repair what the antibiotics have done to your natural defenses and your immune system. You need something else to repair this damage.


Fluconazole after antibiotics

To repair the damage what antibiotics have done you must...

  • Replenish the friendly bacteria in your intestines
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Kill the fungus
  • Prevent any sugar cravings as these feed the yeast
  • Restore your body's natural PH levels

A supplement that you can start taking that does all this for you without the need of taking any drugs is Candidol. Candidol has been used successfully by thousands of women worldwide to cure internal and external yeast infections because it treats the infection from the root cause.

You can read more about Candidol, and how is it far more effective than taking fluconazole after antibiotics here - Candidol Natural Cure For Yeast.

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