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How Does Diflucan Work For Yeast Infections

How does Diflucan work for yeast infections? Diflucan kills the fungus that causes the yeast infection. It has an active ingredient ( fluconazole ) that kills the fungus, and this form of drug is usually a pill. It can also be prescribed as an oral suspension. This anti fungal drug is easily available online and in drug stores, but you should only use it under the guidance of your doctor. This is still a drug that can harm your good health if it is used incorrectly, or used too often.

If you've used a Flucoanzole based anti fungal treatment and your yeast infection hasn't been successfully treated that's because these drugs don't cure your infection from the cause. Learn more about curing your Candida from the root cause without the use of any drugs here - Sarah Summer's Natural Yeast Cure.

Creating a drug resistant yeast infection with fluconazole

Because this anti fungal drug is so easily available now, more women are creating fungal infections that are resistant, and then they are suffering with their infections for months afterwards. It's even worse if they are suffering from another vaginal infection than try and treat it with Diflucan because they will have caused a yeast infection that is instantly resistant.

This is why it's important to see your doctor before you put any anti fungal drugs in your body. Just because you can buy them without a prescription doesn't make them harmless.

If your Diflucan doesn't work

If your Diflucan doesn't work you need to go ands see your doctor as soon as possible. To try and use the drug again can put you at risk of creating a drug resistant infection. You can also get a correct diagnosis of your infection while you're there if you haven't got one already.

Fluconazole based anti fungal yeast remedies do work for a lot of sufferers, but they are not 100% effective and in some cases can make an infection worse. What you mustn't do id fall into the trap of continually using them just to get some relief while you're taking them, only for your infection to come back worse than what it was.

If it hasn't worked then you may already have a resistant yeast infection that will need something else to treat it.

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