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Taking Diflucan Long term

Taking Diflucan long term is the quickest way to create a fluconazole resistant fungal infection in your whole body that will soon enter your bloodstream. Fluconazole ( the active ingredient in Diflucan ) should only be taken once. If it doesn't cure your infection then you need to go back and see your doctor before you use it again. The fungus in your body will mutate into a stronger strain every time you use this anti fungal drug, and you don't cure your yeast infection. If you find that your medication isn't curing your infection it's because it's not treating your yeast infection from the root cause.

Why you mustn't use Diflucan long term

When you use Diflucan long term to treat the symptoms of your yeast infection you're putting your good health at risk. The fungus that you're creating will become more aggressive, and it will eat your body from the inside. The itching in your vagina is a result of the fungus eating your skin cells, and this is exactly how it feeds in your intestines as well. Your vaginal infection, and the fungal overgrowth are just a symptom of the real infection that you have. The Diflucan is only treating these symptoms, it isn't treating the real cause.

A high percentage of yeast infection sufferers successfully use Diflucan to cure their infection, but for some sufferers it just doesn't work. This can lead to the fungus getting more aggressive.

The yeast is mutating in your body all the time

The reason the fluconazole isn't curing your infection is because the yeast is mutating into more fungus every time you finish your course of treatment. The yeast lives in your body all the time, you swallow more yeast every day when you eat, and drink. Your body has to be able to stop that yeast from mutating before you can cure your fungal infection.

Your body was doing this before you became infected with fungus, you haven't just caught the infection, it's been there waiting to happen. Your body's natural defenses have kept the yeast under control just like they do in everyone who hasn't got a yeast infection, because we all have the yeast in our body.

Getting help from a yeast infection expert

To get expert help so you can get off of the Diflucan long term use you'll need the help of a yeast infection expert. The fungus you have now created is very strong as it has been mutating into a stronger strain every time you've exposed it to fluconazole.

Sarah Summer has gotten thousands of fungal infection sufferers off of anti fungal drugs, and she can do the same for you. The fungus is going to slowly destroy your health if you don't eliminate it from your body as soon as possible.

Find out how Sarah Summer can help you get off of fluconazole here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

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