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Diabetes And Yeast Infections

Diabetes and yeast infections go hand in hand for a lot of men and women. Diabetes causes fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and the Candida yeast loves sugar even if it's only blood sugar. Controlling your blood glucose levels, and watching your diet will make you less likely to suffer from yeast infections.

Your diabetes medication

If your suffering from recurrent yeast infections then you could speak to your doctor about your medication. If it isn't controlling your blood glucose levels sufficiently enough then this is contributing to your Candida overgrowth. A quick chat with your doctor could have some good results if your new medication can keep your blood sugar levels under better control.

Your immune system

A weakened immune system can contribute to yeast infections. Your immune system protects you from infections, and is your body's main line of defense. If it is weak your body is open to any type of infection. Yeast infections are the most popular infection because the Candia yeast lives in all of us, but it is kept under control by our immune systems, and our level of friendly bacteria.

Taking probiotics for diabetes and yeast infections

Taking a good quality probiotic will encourage the growth of friendly bacteria and restore your intestinal flora. The Candia yeast that lives in your intestines won't be able to mutate if they are being kept low in numbers by beneficial bacteria. This beneficial bacteria comes in the form of probiotics, and a good quality probiotic that has helped thousands of people with their yeast infections is Threelac.

Eat a diet that is healthy

Eating a diet that is low in sugar and filled with more nutritious foods will help boost your immune system, and stop feeding the Candida. Candida love sugar, it's their favorite food. If you don't eat any then the Candia will starve, and then it's easier for your beneficial bacteria to regain control of your intestines.

Once you have your diabetes and yeast infections under control your your health will improve and so will your outlook on life.

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