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Constant Yeast Infections

Are you suffering from constant yeast infections? You're not alone, and the good news is they are treatable. You're just not treating them from the cause at the moment. Your body is allowing the yeast to breed, and the anti fungal drugs you are taking or applying are only making the yeast more aggressive. You must treat your Candida from the root cause to become fully cured. You have got to stop the yeast from breeding in your body before you can cure your infection otherwise the infection will always come back.

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What you need to do to stop your constant yeast infections

First off, you must stop feeding the yeast. While you keep doing this it will continue to mutate into a fungus that is feeding on your body's cells. This is what is causing the itching you're suffering from. You've also got to strengthen your body's natural ability to keep the yeast under control. We all have yeast in our body, but a healthy person's body has the strength to fight the yeast so it doesn't cause any problems.

You can feed the yeast with food that you eat, and you can also be doing things that change the chemical balance in your body so that the fungus enjoys the environment a lot more than friendly bacteria do. A poor diet and poor habits all contribute to recurrent Candida infections, it's not an infection that you catch from something or someone. It has grown from within you.

Diabetes and constant yeast infections

Diabetes is a cause of frequent yeast infections because of the effect it can have on your body. Because diabetes raises blood sugar levels it makes your body a perfect breeding ground for fungus. And because it can weaken your immune system the Candida is allowed to mutate into a fungus.

If you do suffer from diabetes it's important that you keep a check on your blood sugar levels top make sure you're keeping your sugar levels under control. If you're having trouble you can go back to your doctor and get a possible change in your medication.

Douching and frequent yeast infections

If you're one of these women who thinks that douching keeps your vagina cleaner then think again. The vagina is self cleaning, and there is no need to wash it out. When you do douche you are washing out the beneficial bacteria in there that is keeping it clean, and looking after the environment. When you wash out the beneficial bacteria it makes it a lot easier for the Candida to take over, and then it mutates into a fungus.

A lot of women will think that they aren't keeping their vagina clean enough and then start douching more often which only make your constant Candida infections worse and more frequent.

Getting expert yeast infection help

Most sufferers of frequent yeast infections need expert help because there are so many reasons for the Candida Albicans yeast to be allowed to breed in the human body. Doing anything that will encourage the re-growth of yeast while you're trying to treat your infection can put your treatment back days, weeks, or even months depending on the severity of your infection.

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