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Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Chronic urinary tract infections are now infecting more women than ever. This is because the E coli bacteria that causes urinary tract infections is getting resistant to antibiotics in more women everyday. This is due to a number of reasons that include...

  • Antibiotics are prescribed very easily
  • Antibiotics are easily available online
  • UTI sufferers are not finishing the complete course
  • The over use of antibiotics for other infections as well

Chronic UTI's

If you're suffering from chronic UTI's that aren't getting the treatment they should be then you could end up with kidney damage. And the longer you keep using the antibiotics the more resistant the E coli will get, and this makes your infection almost impossible to treat with conventional medicine and drugs. If a kidney infection sets in your could end up in hospital having antibiotics drip fed to you.

Antibiotics use for other illnesses

If you have taken antibiotics in the past for other infections then the E coli could have become resistant during that time. Antibiotics don't just target the bacteria causing your infection they will kill everything. So when it comes to treating another infection later in life the bacteria causing the infection has already been exposed to the antibiotics a number of times already so it knows how to deal with them.

Bacteria are good at adapting to their surroundings, and they will mutate to fight off whatever has been used to kill them.

Your immune system

If you have used antibiotics a lot in the past then they could have weakened your immune system as well. Antibiotics will kill the friendly bacteria that your body needs to keep your immunity strong. Your immune system is needed to help prevent chronic urinary tract infections as well as other infections. Once your immunity is low you can be infected with any infection, and not just UTI's.

You have choices of UTI treatments

Although your UTI's are now chronic you can still cure them, and you can do it without the use of more drugs and medicines. Urinary tract infections can be cured by products that are available in your local supermarket. They create an environment in your urinary tract that the E coli doesn't like living in, then all you need to do is flush the E coli out.

This means no more immune suppressing drugs, and no chance of the E coli becoming resistant.

For more information on how you can treat your urinary tract naturally visit Mary Jo Barton's Natural Cure For Chronic Urinary Tract Infections.

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