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Chronic Ringworm

There are a few causes of Chronic ringworm, and until you find out what the reason is you'll never cure your ringworm infections. Below are a few common reasons that cause chronic ringworm, and what you can do to treat yourself. Many recurrent ringworm sufferers get to the point where they feel nothing will cure their infection, and the good news is this is not the case.

Resistant ringworm infection

If you've been attempting to cure your ringworm infection for a while now with the same treatment then the ringworm is probably now resistant to the anti fungal drug you're using. This can happen with creams if the infection is too deep into your skin for the anti fungal cream to penetrate deep enough. When this is the case, the ringworm that is not killed by the cream becomes resistant so the next time you use the cream it is useless, and the fungus living in your skin is now a mutated, stronger strain of ringworm.

Your pet has ringworm

If your pet has ringworm, or is just a ringworm carrier then that can cause chronic ringworm on you. If you're continually in contact with your pet your infection will keep coming back no matter how many times you treat yourself, and no matter what you do to prevent a reoccurrence of your infection.

If you think your pet may have ringworm, or be a carrier you should see your vet where they can run some tests.

Your immunity could be low

If you're not that healthy or you've taken a lot of antibiotics or oral anti fungals for your ringworm then your immune system could be weak. A healthy immune system is important so your body can naturally prevent a reoccurrence of the ringworm infection. If your immunity is low your body is susceptible to any type infection.

Home remedy for recurrent ringworm

If you're suffering from chronic ringworm that is now resistant to your medication you can use a home remedy that will...

  • Cure your resistant ringworm infection
  • Treat your skin, scalp and nail ringworm infections
  • Eliminate the need for any oral drugs or medicines
  • Cure your skin and scalp ringworm within a week
  • Cost a fraction of the price of your current treatment

For more information on your home remedy for ringworm visit Daniel Sanderson's Ringworm Home Remedy.

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