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Chronic indigestion is not something you should be suffering from, or need to suffer from. If you're continuously taking antacids and other drugs for acid reflux then they won't be doing your health any good. Persistent indigestion can also lead to cancer of the esophagus so your problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible. A lifetime of medication is not the answer.

Your stomach acid

If you're using indigestion tablets or liquid after every meal then your continuously having undigested food passing through your colon. Your stomach needs acid to properly digest your food so it's ready to enter your intestines. This sis how you absorb all the nutrients from your food as well.

If your neutralizing the acid then the food won't digest properly. This will cause it to ferment in the intestines and then it becomes food for bad bacteria and fungus. Your stomach acid also kills bacteria and fungus that get swallowed with food, and if it survives it will enter your intestines and start causing infections.

Undigested food entering your bowels and colon can cause other problems such as constipation and in worse cases bowel cancer.

Chronic indigestion and over eating

Over eating is a major cause of chronic indigestion and is something that can easily be avoided. You're much better off eating smaller meals through the day as they are much easier to digest. Your stomach won't need to work so hard so you'll have less chance of causing too much acid.

What you drink

If you drink lots of coffee or other caffeinated drinks then that can cause an acidic environment in your body. Cutting down on these drinks or cutting them out altogether can help alleviate your symptoms.

You can find out more now about curing persistent indigestion

Chronic acid reflux will damage your health one way or another so it's best to get advice from someone who helps people every day. You can read how to cure your indigestion in as little as 2 days at Heartburn No More to learn how to heal acid reflux naturally.

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