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Causes Of Recurring Yeast Infections

Knowing the causes of recurring yeast infections is your first step to a successful cure. No natural yeast infection treatment will work if you don't find the cause of your infections first. The fungus will just continue to infect you, and you will begin creating resistant yeast infections that become difficult to cure.

Antibiotics use can cause resistant yeast infections

Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections in men and women. They are so easily given out by doctor for almost every infection that harmless micro-organisms like the Candida Albicans yeast are mutating and becoming resistant to conventional medicines and drugs. Antibiotics also lower your body's natural defenses so it makes it easier for the Candida to mutate and take over your body.

Antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria that live in your intestines and on your skin. When your friendly bacteria is low the Candida has nothing to fight it off so it easily start causing you problems. Antibiotics are also immune suppressors, and you need a healthy immune system to fight off all infections, and not just yeast infections.

Poor diet

A poor diet that is high in sugar and lacking nutrition can cause Candida overgrowth in your intestines. The Candida yeast's favorite food is sugar, and modern diets are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, and this is contributing to the rise in recurrent yeast infections. A poor diet that follows up courses of antibiotics is a surefire way to get chronic yeast infections.

Health conditions

Other causes of recurring yeast infections include health conditions such as Diabetes and the HIV/AIDS virus. A visit to your doctor will rule these out, and your doctor can also check for any other health problems like a weak immune system.

Causes of vaginal yeast infections

Douching is getting more popular, and this method of washing out your vagina can cause recurring vaginal yeast infections. Many women think it's good to keep it clean, and will continue to try and wash out the yeast after they get an infection. Vaginal douching upsets the natural bacterial and chemical balance in the vagina. This makes it a perfect environment for the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate and start causing yeast infection symptoms.

The vagina is elf cleaning and doesn't need anything injected into it to help it stay clean. Even washing the vaginal area too much with scented soaps can cause a yeast infection.

What you can do now

If one of the causes of recurring yeast infections for you is something simple like douching or washing your vaginal area too often with soaps then you can easily stop your infections.

If on the other hand your recurring yeast infections are the result of a poor diet or antibiotics use then you will need a lifestyle change to rid your body of the mutating yeast. If you don't eliminate the yeast as soon as possible it can soon perforate your intestines,and then the infection will enter your bloodstream.

Guidance from a Candida expert

Getting guidance from a Candida expert will be a massive benefit to your health and help you understand the causes of recurring yeast infections. They can reverse the damage what your lifestyle has done, and help you get your health back. One expert that has created an anti Candida protocol that deals with all types of yeast infections is Sarah Summer. Sarah summer is a one-time intestinal yeast infection sufferer who completely researched the Candida Albicans yeast.

Form her research Sarah has created a program that has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide, and the treatment attacks the causes if recurring yeast infections.

To find out more on how you can treat the causes of recurring yeast infections visit - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

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