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Causes Of Candida Overgrowth

The Causes of Candida overgrowth are numerous, as there are so many things that can happen to trigger the response from the yeast so it begins to mutate in your body. Once you have discovered the real cause of your yeast overgrowth you can then start eliminating the mutated fungus from your body.

Yeast infections drugs

One of the biggest reasons why conventional drugs don't cure a small percentage of yeast infections is, they don't treat the causes of Candida overgrowth. All they do is kill the fungus, and then if your body allows it, the Candida will mutate again into a fungus. Drugs also cause the Candida to mutate because fungi and yeast have a natural defenses mechanism that causes them to become stronger so they can start to become resistant to the drugs that are trying to kill them.


Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast overgrowth because they destroy all the body's natural defenses that prevent the yeast from mutating. We all have the Candida yeast living in us, what we have as well are beneficial bacteria that keep the yeast under control so it is harmless. Once antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria, the yeast can then grow in numbers because it has no beneficial bacteria ( or a lot less beneficial bacteria ) to keep it under control. The reason why the yeast populates your body so quickly after a course of antibiotics is, it gets swallowed with food when you eat.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates

A diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates feed the yeast as well, and these are high in our modern day diets of processed foods. Sugar also alkalizes the stomach so it has less acid to digest food, and stomach acid kills yeasts and bacteria before it reaches the rest of the digestive tract.

Health conditions

Another one of the major causes of Candida overgrowth is Diabetes. Diabetes is a health condition that raises blood sugar levels, and can also weaken the immune system if it isn't kept under proper control. If you're suffering from Diabetes or any other immune weakening health condition then you should speak to your doctor about an alternative medication that will keep your condition under better control.

If you need help

A lot of women struggle to deal with the real causes of Candida overgrowth, and they need help eliminating the fungus from their body, and need help preventing the Candia from mutating into a fungus. This is the only way you'll ever stop the infections, and get your good health back. The fungus will slowly destroy your health.

You'll have less energy than you used to, and you'll suffer from more aches and pains. These are not always signs you're getting old, they are signs that your body isn't functioning the way it should, and it all starts with your internal health. Fungi and other unhealthy organisms and pathogens effect how your intestines digest and absorb nutrients from your food, and this is the basis for a healthy body.

Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of women with Candida overgrowth get their good health back by eliminating the fungus, and get their intestinal flora back to the correct balance. All this is done with drugs and other chemicals. You can read more about Sarah Summer, and read how she has changed other women's lives here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

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