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Candida Returns As Soon As Diflucan Is Stopped

If your Candida returns as soon as Diflucan is stopped there is a very good reason for that. Your body is allowing the Candida to mutate into a fungus, and that is what is causing your symptoms. Candida lives in all of us and lives there harmlessly as long as your body can keep it under control.

See your doctor first

If you think you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections it's important that you see your doctor if you haven't already. Some women self diagnose their vaginal infection, and get it wrong. They then try and treat that infection with the anti fungal drug, Fluconazole, and it isn't what they need. They then think that there Candida returns as soon as Diflucan is stopped, but it's another infection. If you have been to your doctor already and you know you have a yeast infection then you need to start treating it differently.

Strengthen your body 's natural defenses against Candida

If your yeast infection keeps coming back then you need to strengthen your body's natural defenses so that it naturally stops the Candida from mutating into an aggressive fungus. Until you get your body to stop the onslaught of the fungus then your yeast infection will always return, and it will start causing you internal problems as it will breed in your intestines as well as your vagina.

Getting help from a yeast infection expert

To get your body in a state where the Candida will no longer mutate you're going to do it much faster with the help of someone who knows everything about how it breeds and feeds in your body. If you're attempting to eliminate the fungus and get your body's natural bacterial balance back in favor of good bacteria, just eating the wrong foods can mean that your infection could take months to cure. You need to do everything as quickly and safely as possible so the fungus doesn't start destroying your health from the inside.

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