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Candida Infections

Candida infections are caused by a fungus that feeds on the cells of your body. This is what is causing the itching in your vagina. If you think you are suffering from a yeast infection it's important for a Candida diagnosis as soon as possible. The fungus will get more widespread if you don't treat yeast infections correctly, and it will also get worse if you don't treat it in good time. Fungus spreads at an alarming rate once it takes over your body. Candida doesn't just breed where you can feel your symptoms, it breeds internally as well.

Candida diagnosis

Getting a Candida diagnosis is important and it needs to be done by your doctor, and it doesn't have to be a Candida doctor. You need to know exactly what fungus or bacteria is infecting your vagina so you can treat is correctly, and then avoid the risk of getting another infection. If you diagnose your own vaginal infection and is not caused by yeast then you could create a yeast infection as well as the infection you do really have, so you'll end up with two infections.

Candida symptoms and cause

If the original infection needs antibiotics to treat it then your yeast infection will get a lot worse as antibiotics are the biggest cause of Candida infections. The itching in your vagina will get worse, and the infection can also spread to other parts of your body so you end up getting symptoms in other places.

Symptoms of Candida re not only restricted to your vagina. If the fungus starts taking over your intestines then you can start experiencing symptoms such as...

  • Bloating and gas
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Chronic Candida infections
  • Sugar cravings
  • And a lot more

Candida Albicans causes

Finding the cause of your is your guide to getting rid of Candida as soon as possible. Some women suffer from yeast infections for months and even years before they discover any Candida Albicans causes. Sometimes an itchy vagina is just one symptom of fungal overgrowth that is going on inside the body. So just applying cream to an itch continuously is not going to work.

Herbs for Candida

Yeast infection herbal cures are being used by more women now because they are part of a treatment that deals with the causes of fungal overgrowth. Herbs help kill fungus and they also strengthen the body's natural defenses so the Candida that lives in your body naturally is no longer able to mutate into a fungus. Until you stop the mutating then you'll never be free of Candida infections. Find out about Herbs For Candida here.

You can read more information about how Sarah can help you eliminate the Candida fungus from your body with a herbal, natural cure here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast.

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More Candida FAQ's

What is a good home yeast infection cure

A good home yeast infection cure is just a live natural yogurt. Live yogurt replenishes the bacteria that has been taken out of your vagina. A low number of beneficial bacteria in your vagina is the reason you're suffering from fungal overgrowth... Home Yeast Infection Cure.

Taking Monistat when you don't need it

A lot of women think that you can use Monistat to test for a yeast infection, and some think you can use it to prevent a yeast infection. Neither of these work, and they both cause fungal infections if you don't already have one... Taking Monistat When You Don't Need It.

What's a good remedy for intestinal yeast infections

Intestinal yeast infections are difficult to cure, and they can't be cured with any drugs. Read more about how you can cure your intestinal fungus here... Remedy For Intestinal Yeast Infections.

Why does your body make yeast

Your body doesn't make yeast, yeast enters your body on a daily basis from the food and drink that you consume. You just have to strengthen your body's natural defenses so the yeast doesn't mutate into an aggressive fungus... Why Does Your Body Make Yeast.

Herbal remedy for intestinal yeast infections

Intestinal yeast can destroy your health very quickly before it is diagnosed. Start treating your internal fungus as soon as possible... Herbal Remedy For Intestinal Yeast Infections.

How to cure internal Candida

Learning how to cure intestinal yeast will save your good health and prevent chronic infections... Cure Internal Candida.

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