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Candida Diagnosis

Getting your Candida diagnosis correct is very important to you and your good health. Many women self diagnose their vaginal infection assuming they have a yeast infection, and they have something else. This can lead to complications later if the infection has spread to the reproductive organs or the kidneys. All vaginal infections are easy to cure if you get the diagnosis correct and treat them as soon as possible.

See your doctor

For a correct Candida diagnosis always see your doctor. They will test the culture in your vagina to se exactly what it is so you can start your yeast infection treatment as soon as possible. You can only cure Candida with an anti fungal cream, if you use it on any other infection then the real infection will just get worse, and you will actually create a yeast infection.

While you are using an anti fungal cream the symptoms of the real infection will disappear, but they will return as soon as you stop the treatment.

Creating a Candida infection

If you use an anti fungal OTC cream on your vaginal infection and you're not suffering from Candida then you will create a yeast infection. This is because the Candida that lives in your vagina naturally will mutate when you start applying the cream. When you have created the infection it will be one that is drug resistant so you will have trouble curing it with any prescription drugs or medicines. This is why a correct Candida diagnosis is important, and you need to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Candida treatments

Once you have your diagnosis you can then treat your infection how you want. You can use conventional anti fungal creams such as Monistat ( US sufferers ) or Canesten ( UK sufferers ), or you can use anti fungal oral drugs that contain Fluconazole. Another reason to see your doctor for a correct diagnosis is so you use these drugs under their supervision. A lot of women now take drugs such as Fluconazole every time they have a yeast infection, and are relying on it as a cure to mask the symptoms all the time instead of finding out the cause of their infection. Don't get into this cycle as it can make your infections worse.

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