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Candida Albicans Causes

There are a number of Candida Albicans causes, and some a lot more common than others. Once you know the cause of yeast infections you can then successfully eliminate the fungus from your body. Until you know the causes of Candida all you will be doing is killing the fungus and then allowing the yeast that lives in your body to mutate into more fungus.

Antibiotics and Candida Albicans

The biggest cause of Candida is antibiotics use. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, and you have colonies of beneficial bacteria that protect your body. These bacteria keep bad bacteria and yeasts low in numbers. It's when the beneficial bacteria is killed off by a course of antibiotics that the yeast can then take over, and then it mutates into fungus.

Candida lives in your body all the time, it's in all of us. When you are healthy the beneficial bacteria in your body keeps these yeasts under control. They keep the numbers down so they can't take over the environment, and then mutate into an aggressive fungus that feeds on your body.

Weakened immune system

Another one of the Candida Albicans causes is a weakened immune system. This can be caused by an underlying illness or a drug that you could be taking. If you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections then you should see your doctor to have your health checked out, and your doctor will also know what prescription drugs you are taking that could be causing your problems.

Poor diet and yeast infections

If you're eating a poor diet that lacks nutrition and is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates then this can be contributing to your Candida infection. Fungus loves sugar, and if your diet lacks necessary nutrition your immune system could be suffering for it. Your body needs nutrition to stay strong, and you should cut down on your sugar intake so you don't feed fungus and yeasts.

Candida Infections.

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