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Breast Yeast Infection

A breast yeast infection is not uncommon in women that are lactating. Fungus loves a warm moist environment, and a breast that is being used to feed a baby becomes the perfect environment for Candida fungus to start breeding. Yeast infections are a problem, but they are not impossible to treat, and you can treat them without the need of any drugs so you won't harm your baby.

Symptoms of a breast yeast infection

Candida of the breast can give you symptoms such as itching, burning, soreness and your breast can be quite painful. Blisters can also appear in extreme cases that can begin to bleed. You can also suffer from discharge from your nipple that can mix with the breast milk so it would be a good idea to not breast feed your baby while you're infected.

Your baby can give you your fungal infection

Apart from the fact that your breast yeast infection started because the fungus enjoys a warm and moist environment, Your baby could have passed the infection to you. Babies can suffer from oral thrush, and this can easily be passed on to your breast. This is why it's important to stop feeding your baby from your breast as the infection can get passed back and forth to you both. You must treat the infections before any breast feeding can resume.

Antibiotics use

Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infection so it's understandable that they can cause a breast yeast infection. These anti bacterial drugs kill friendly bacteria, and these bacteria are needed by your body to control the Candida. When the antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria, the Candida can grow in numbers then it mutates into a fungus that causes your symptoms.

Weak immune system

A weakened immune system can also cause a fungal infection. And this could have been brought on by the birth of your child.

What you can do

Sarah Summer has helped cure thousands of yeast infections without the need for anti fungal drugs. Sarah knows how the fungus breeds in the human body, and she knows how to eliminate it using only natural methods. The Candida in your body has mutated for a reason, and Sarah's help will help you treat the infection from the cause. You won't just be killing fungus, you'll be preventing the Candida from mutating so you'll stop any future infections.

You can read more about how Sarah can help you eliminate the Candida from your breast here - Sarah Summer's Natural Yeast Cure.

Signs Of A Yeast Infection.

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