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Blood Yeast Infection

A blood yeast infection is the result of the mutated yeast in your digestive tract perforating your intestines. This means that toxins have now entered your bloodstream, and these toxins will start causing symptoms that are not usually associated with yeast infections. Your doctor will also have difficulty diagnosing your symptoms, and finding their cause.

You must eliminate the blood yeast infection now

You have to eliminate the fungus from your body as soon as possible in order to successfully treat your systemic yeast infection. You need to start a strict anti Candida protocol so you don't feed the fungus while you're trying to kill it. Your body's natural defenses have been completely destroyed for your yeast infection to get in this condition. Your health will slowly deteriorate if hasn't done do already.

You will need to get help from an expert so you don't do anything that can make your fungal overgrowth worse. Just eating the wrong foods can send your progress backwards no matter how much you are killing the fungus.

Getting help for your systemic yeast infection

If you have been using prescription drugs to cure your yeast infection then you must now realize they don't cure yeast infections. All they do is kill the fungus. Your body has to stop the Candida overgrowth that has lead to the systemic yeast infection that you're suffering from. Your body must keep the yeast under control by preventing it to mutate into the aggressive fungus that has perforated your intestines. Until your body can do this you will suffer from chronic yeast infections, and system Candida for a long time.

Sarah Summer

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