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Bladder Infection Won't Go Away

If your bladder infection won't go away you're not alone. This happens to thousands of women very month, and the good news is you're very close to curing yourself. Below are a couple of popular reasons why you're now suffering from chronic urinary tract infections.

The wrong antibiotics

A lot of women now purchase their antibiotics online without seeing their doctor first. This means that they're probably using the wrong antibiotics as only their doctor will know what antibiotics will cure their infection. Their bladder infection won't go away for the simple reason the antibiotics they're using are useless against their urinary infection.

Resistant UTI

Another reason why a bladder infection won't go away is the bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics, or just resistant to the antibiotics that are being used. This happens if you're exposed the bacteria in your body to multiple courses over the years. These could have been taken for other infections, but the bacteria that is now infecting your urethra will have been exposed to every course of antibiotics you've ever taken.

Most UTIs are caused by the E coli bacterium, and this lives naturally in your bowel. The E coli would have ben exposed to every course of antibiotics you're ever taken, and over time it will slowly mutate into a stronger strain of bacteria. This is why your doctor is the only person who will know what type of antibiotics is needed to treat your infection. One antibiotic that works on one person will not necessarily work on another.

Try a natural bladder infection cure

If your bladder infection won't go away, and you've tried all ( or too many ) antibiotics then you can try a natural UTI cure. A natural cure won't cause any resistant bacteria, and it works a lot faster than antibiotics do. It's also a lot cheaper to cure your infection naturally.

For more information on a completely safe and natural bladder infection treatment that will have you cured by this time tomorrow visit - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Cure.

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