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Back To Back Yeast Infections

Your back to back yeast infections are a result of your body telling you that your inner health is not as good as it use to be. You have the Candida yeast in your body that is continually mutating into fungus, and this fungus is what is causing your yeast infections to keep coming back. If you want to stop your recurrent fungal infections then you need to change the way you are treating them. If you keep on doing the same things then you're just going to get the same results.

Why your treatment is curing your infection

At the moment you're using an anti fungal cream or pill that is killing the fungus in your body. These anti fungal creams and pills are very powerful, and they kill the fungus every time you take them, just like they are suppose to do. What these anti fungal drugs don't do is stop the yeast in your body from mutating into more fungus once your course of treatment stops. And this is why you're now suffering from back to back yeast infections.

What is also going to happen with your method of treatment is you're going to create a drug resistant yeast infection because of the exposure the yeast is getting to these drugs. The yeast is being exposed to the anti fungal drugs every time you take them, and then it just mutates into a more aggressive form of fungus. So in the end, the treatment you're using is making your infection worse instead of curing it.

Why the yeast mutates

Your body is allowing the yeast to mutate because your natural defenses have been compromised. You've always had yeast in your body just like everyone else has, and your body's natural defenses were preventing it from mutating. They keep it under control so it doesn't grow in numbers. Once it grows in numbers it starts to mutate, and that is now what is happening in you.

To cure your back to back yeast infections you need to cleanse your body of the yeast and fungus, and then strengthen your body's natural defenses so that they can start keeping the yeast under control again. This doesn't just stop your itchy vagina, but it also improves your health. You have fungus feeding on the inside of your body as well as the inside of your vagina, and when it feeds in your intestines it slowly destroys your health. You need your health to be good, and drug companies need your health to be bad so they can keep on supplying you with drugs to make you think they are making you healthy. Your health is good when you don't need to take drugs any more, and this is why this site was created.

Your choices

You get two choices now with your treatment. You can carry on getting persistent yeast infection with more powerful anti fungal drugs. It doesn't matter how powerful the drug you use is, if your body allows the yeast to mutate it will just keep on mutating.

You can also use a natural yeast infection cure that will cleanse your body of yeast and fungus, and then strengthen your natural defenses so that your body can stop the yeast from mutating. And this is when you become healthy again.

If you want to try a natural yeast cure then visit Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast where you'll learn how to cure your yeast infection with a treatment that is more effective than any anti fungal drug will ever be.

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