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What Antibiotics Do You Take For A UTI

What antibiotics do you take for a UTI? The only person on the planet who can answer this question for you is your doctor. Many women are now buying their antibiotics online without seeing their doctor first, and for a lot of them, this is leading to complications later that require hospital treatment.

Only your doctor knows what antibiotics you take for a UTI

Your doctor has access to the complete history of medication you have taken ( providing you have only taken all your medication with a prescription ), and this is used when you need to be prescribed the antibiotics you take for a UTI. The bacteria that causes a UTI is the E coli in over 90% of cases, and this bacteria lives naturally in your body.

The E coli in your body has ben exposed to every course of antibiotics you've ever taken so it will have built up some resistance so you will be prescribed a different antibiotic to someone else.

Resistant urinary tract infection

If you purchase any antibiotic because someone has told you it cured their infection, or because it says on the web site of the offshore meds site that a particular type will cure a UTI then you can create a resistant strain of bacteria. Using the wrong antibiotics will cause the bacteria to mutate because it won't kill it, and any anti bacterial drugs that don't kill the bacteria only make them stronger.

Only your doctor will know what what antibiotics you take for your infection, and he/she will tell you the exact amount of time you need to take them for. Getting these 2 things wrong will also create resistant bacteria even if you use the correct type of antibiotics.

Your other option

If you're unsure of what antibiotics you take for a UTI, and you can't see your doctor then you can use a natural UTI remedy that won't create any resistant bacteria, or put your health at risk.

A natural remedy doesn't kill the bacteria so the bacteria won't mutate into a stronger strain. All a natural cure does is flush the bacteria out of your urethra, and it does this in 12 hours. So you could be cured later today, or by this time tomorrow.

You can read more information about the 12 hour UTI natural cure here - Mary Jo Barton's 12 hour UTI cure.

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